(PROVISIONAL) The CANFAR project is opperated by the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre on behalf of the Canadian astronomy research community. Enhancement and allocation of the capacity of CANFAR (both opperational and resource related) are overseen by the Science Management Committee (SMC). The SMC is composed of Canadian researchers who are leading projects that make significant use of the cababilities of the CANFAR platform. The chair of the SMC rotates between the SMC members and responsible to organize SMC meetings as needed and reporting the decisions of the SMC to the opperator (CADC). In addition, one member of the SMC serves as the lead of the Compute Canada resource allocation request, which is the cyber-infrastruction resource that makes CANFAR possible. The SMC meets periodically, nominally once per year at the CASCA meeting and at other times via teleconference, when issues arrise, such as the opperator (CADC) requesting direction on significant technology choices.

Science Management Committee
Ray Carlberg University of Toronto
Pauline Barmby (RAP Lead) University of Western Ontario
René Doyon Université de Montréal
James Di Francesco National Research Council Canada / University of Victoria
Sébastien Fabbro National Research Council
Laura Ferrarese National Research Council Canada / University of Victoria
Bryan Gaensler University of Toronto
Falk Herwig Professor, Dept. Of Physics and Astronomy, University of Victoria
Mike Hudson University of Waterloo
JJ Kavelaars (CADC Lead) National Research Council Canada / University of Victoria
Helen Kirk National Research Council Canada
Alan McConnachie National Research Council Canada / University of Victoria
Laura Parker McMaster University
Chris Pritchet University of Victoria
Erik Rosolowsky University of Alberta
Marcin Sawicki St. Mary's University
Douglas Scott University of British Columbia
Alison Sills McMaster University
Rob Thacker St. Mary's University
Ludo von Waerbeke University of British Columbia
James Wadsley McMaster University